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You spend enough time in traffic. Let us handle the line at the DMV.

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Save Time For Better Things

Spending a lot of time on the road means spending time in traffic and at your
assignments. While we can’t speed up that part of the job, we can certainly
help you get more free time by offering a series of services that you need to
keep your business running smoothly. Let us handle your administrative tasks,
like registration renewals and use your free time to spend with family or to
grow your business.

Administrative Help

We specialize in offering services to the commercial trucking industry, and our experience and commitment means we have become a comprehensive solution to serve all our customers’ needs. With one phone call, we can offer a range of services to save you time and money.

Easy Compliance

We can register your fleet, provide permits for your services, take care of all the state and federal required filings, and set you up with a customized plan to cover your insurance needs, from liability and injury insurance to coverage for your trucks and equipment.

Go Full Throttle

You can’t get moving in this industry if you haven’t sorted out your paperwork. We can take care of the following mandated requirements and in some cases we can get things filed and approved in the same day. We’ll worry about renewals and updating federal and state permits as necessary. We can manage the following services for you on an ongoing basis:

  • Apportion Plates
  • Renewals
  • Federal Motor Carrier Permit
  • California Motor Carrier Permit


  • IFTA report and stickers
  • Registration Renewals
  • Bonds

Once we’ve fulfilled these requirements for you, we can set you up with a commercial trucking and business owner’s insurance plan that meets all of your needs and considers the specifics of how you do business. We stand out from our competitors by offering a broad range of services and exceptional customer service.

We would be happy to discuss a plan that is right for you and tell you how we can take the worry out of your business operations. Call St. George Insurance or get in touch with us for a free quote today.


We make it easy to find all the protection you need with just a click of the button or a simple call. A friendly St. George agent will call you to explain your options and help you make the right choice about your insurance options.

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