There are many factors that can cause an accident. Ten tips to stay safe.

Ten simple tips can protect the lives of truckers and bus drivers. They were analyzed and created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to help you develop a road safety plan.

Blind spots. Every 8 to 10 seconds check your mirrors to find out your blind spots.

Long stopping distances. Trucks and buses require a long length to stop. To give an example, they require two football fields in length to stop safely. Failure to slow down on curves or ramps creates rollover hazards, the FMCSA says.

Watch out for wide turns. This type of transport needs space and time for the big turns. It is necessary to keep this point in mind always.

Buckle up. The FMCSA indicated that in 2020 nearly half of the truckers and bus drivers who did not wear their seatbelts died. Buckle up every time you drive and before starting your truck.

Safe speed. The size and weight of trucks and buses make speed a potential enemy. Never exceed your limit. Remember that the acceleration and weight of your truck can present a real challenge when it comes to maneuvering or braking.

If you are tired, stop. When you feel tired, sick, or taking medication that makes you drowsy: stop. Getting enough rest can save your life.

Leave your cell phone. One of the worst distractions is texting. Remember that it is illegal for a CMV driver to send messages while driving, says the FMCSA. Telephones must be hands-free and must be able to be dialed with no more than one button.

Warn. Use your signals or brake early so other drivers know what you want to do. If you leave the route, place your flashing lights and reflective triangles to warn those who approach.

Maintain your vehicle. The FMCSA asks everyone: “Make sure pre-trip safety inspections are complete before you hit the road, especially for tires and brakes. Check that your load is well balanced and secure, as a shifting load can cause tipping or loss of control. Loose materials can create road hazards”.

Study the weather and the road before heading out. Knowing what the weather will be like and what the route you need to take will be will help you in maintaining your safety. “Keep in mind that non-commercial navigation systems and applications may not provide warnings about height and weight limitations and other CMV restrictions,” notes the same Administration.

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